- the #girlpower project @ rwp -

At RWP, we know that girls often need to be reminded of their strength, their beauty, their impact. Our #girlpower project is designed to do just that. 

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- how it works - 

A surprise delivery before the shoot to make your daughter feel special.

A completely customized photo shoot to make your daughter feel beautiful. 

An invitation to an RWP open house event, where your daughter's photos will be featured. 

A complete gallery of images for sharing your daughter's beauty with the world.

From start to finish, this project is designed to make a lasting impact on the life of your girl. As much as YOU can tell her she's beautiful, talented, etc., sometimes, it takes an outside voice to make her truly understand. Robin is that outside voice. Her talent with a camera, as well as the personal touches she puts into every aspect of this project will leave your daughter changed for the better.


And it's about so much more than a photo shoot. The open house event is something your daughter will never forget. Friends and family are invited to attend to see her photos on display. As a featured guest at the event, your daughter will feel special and seen in ways tweens and teen girls truly need. You're going to want your daughter to be a part of this. 



- the investment | $495 - 

The impact of this experience is priceless in the lives of tween and teen girls. Think of it not just as an investment in a photo shoot, but an investment in the self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love of your daughter.

A $100 deposit secures your daughter's spot in the #girlpower project.

The remaining $395 is due the week of your daughter's shoot (or can be broken up into two payments of $195, one due the week of your daughters shoot, one due the week before the open house event).


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To get more information about the #girlpower project, email RWP here: