- the #girlpower project @ rwp -

At RWP, we know that girls often need to be reminded of their strength, their beauty, their impact. Our #girlpower project is designed to do just that. 

- how it works - 

A surprise delivery before the shoot to make your daughter feel special.

A completely customized photo shoot to make your daughter feel beautiful. 

A complete gallery of images for sharing your daughter's beauty with the world.

A collection of meaningful custom gifts after the shoot to make your daughter feel loved. 



- the investment - 

The impact of this experience is priceless in the lives of tween and teen girls. Think of it not just as an investment in a photo shoot, but an investment in the self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love of your daughter.

A $100 deposit secures your daughter's spot in the #girlpower project.

The remaining $325 is due the week of your daughter's shoot (or can be broken up into two payments of $162.50, one due the week of your daughters shoot, one due the week her photos and care package are delivered).

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